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Journalism.design focuses on how journalists can improve their storytelling techniques by embracing design thinking methodologies, UX design or any tool that can help them to think outside the box and create better engaging stories.

Here, I’ll be talking about #interactive #documentaries, #interactive #journalism, #longforms and many other things that are related to new form of #storytelling in the digital ecosystem of Interactive Journalism. This initiative aims at gathering practitioners, designers, journalists, coders, scholars and users (formerly know as the “audience”) around the same question: How can journalists engage audiences in this digital era?

The idea behind Journalism.design is to create a corpus of ideas, opinions, studies, good practices, techniques and methodologies to allow a new generation of journalists to embrace storytelling in an all new fashion. This site primarily published in French but I’ll will also publish the most important part in English.

This platform is still in its infancy and will grow over time, feel free to connect by sending an email at [email protected]. Journalism.design is a non-profit experience and is ran as a side project.


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