Summary is a publication about new forms of digital journalism, interactive storytelling and their evolution over time.
Mission was created in september 2016 to observe the ongoing mutations of journalism practices in an attempt to define what could be digital journalism tomorrow.

The aim of this publication is to look beyond the tools and techniques to focus our thinking on the digital culture of journalists as a whole. In order to do this, it is necessary to understand the stakes of the digital transformation under way in the media sector and to identify the phenomena of negentropy at work in the different sectors of industry.

Methodological, technical, economic, narrative innovation and the renewal of ethical rules. The in-depth questioning of the role of the audience, the journalist, the information and the media in our societies. These are the fields of investigation that are opening up to us to try to accompany this major sectoral transformation.

It is therefore a question of defining the shape of contemporary journalism. It's also about redefining the cultural bases of the professionals and questioning the legacy left to determine their relevance in a world profoundly different from the one which saw them born while bringing the elements of reflection and a concrete framework to put them into practice.
NOTES FOR ENGLISH SPEAKING AUdience is only published in French for the moment, but an english version of the main content will be available in a near future. Please be patient and in the meantime please visit our Trello board and our Pinterest page to discover useful resources for Digital Journalists. 

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